The Future of Blogging


Now I’m sure the question that is on my mind has been on every other bloggers mind as well at some point. Where is my blog going? Being someone new to blogging, I have been thinking about this a lot recently. I wonder about what my blog will look like in the future, how long I will blog for, and what I want out my blog. As much as I cannot answer this quite yet, I do have ideas in mind on what I am currently expecting to come out of my blog. 

I do not want my blog to be “boring.” I want to attract other bloggers and even non-bloggers to want to read my posts and come back for more. I believe this is why I do not want my blog to focus on one overall topic or theme. Each post will be different from the previous. It is going to have a variety of flavors and designs. This is not only in hope of attracting different people and their interests, but also simply because I cannot bare to post the same think over and over again day to day. Where is the creativity in that? 

I want this blog to make me stronger creatively. This is the main thing I expect to see. I want to learn, share, have fun, and express. And I hope others that see my posts can help me with this. I would love to hear from others. I want people to share with me and help me make my blog stronger each day. I welcome all kinds of comments. It would not be much of a blog if I didn’t. 

I can guarantee the overall look and feel of my blog will be constantly changing from time to time. People change. Personalities and interests change. My blog will reflect on that greatly. This being said, I do expect to blog for quite some time. I want to make something out of this and have it be my escape. I expect to say and share a lot and I expect to see and receive a lot from others. When I look back on where my blog was now in a year from now, I want it to be completely different. I want to see variety and my posts getting better from one to another. That is my goal. 


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