So You Wanna Grill Some Pineapple…..


So I have been really trying my absolute best to eat healthy and maintain a healthy mental perception overall. This mainly has me eating healthy and exercising with added challenges to make it more fun. I hate ordinary simple foods so I try new interesting things. I am always open minded with what I attempt to make from recipes I see online no matter how the food looks or sounds with the combination of ingredients it has. Everything usually turns out yummy anyway! Last night I decided on a simple salad to make because lets face it, I was much too lazy to cook! I took spinach and simply topped it off with grilled pineapple (yes, grilled, and it was awesome), chicken, tomato, and honey mustard (because apparently it goes really well with grilled pineapple). And like a great blogger, I did take pictures! 

Mmmm…. grilling the pineapple! Simple. 


And the tomatoes…. don’t judge my tomato cutting skills.


And of course, a salad wouldn’t be complete without dressing!


(And yes, I did forget pictures of the chicken but hey, we all know what it looks like;) )

If anyone else has some simple good healthy recipes I can try, let me know in a comment! I guarantee I will most likely try it out. 


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