Just Give Up


When you hear the phrase “give up,” you might associate it with a negative situation. People get frustrated all the time and just simply say, “I give up.” You’re always told to never give up. Keep trying. Try hard. However, there are circumstances where giving up on something is not only positive but necessary.

Can you think of a situation yet where this can be true?

Well if you haven’t, let me give you some examples 🙂 

In order to have a better, stress free life, you might want to try giving up some of these things…..

  • People pleasing- You do not need to please anyone but yourself.
  • Doubting yourself- Doubting leads to believing you can’t do something when you can. 
  • Negative thinking- Negative thoughts lead to negative feeling and emotions. Don’t have a negative thought in your head to cause you to walk around with a frown on your face. Positive thinking leads to a happier and fun life. 
  • Fear of failure- Failure is a part of life. Like we’re always told, get up and try again. 
  • Criticizing yourself- Why verbally beat yourself up?
  • Saying “yes” when to say “no”- Do you want people walking all over you?
  • Procrastination- Just get it done now!
  • The need to always be right- Lets face it, you’re not always right. 
  • The need for control- Don’t stress yourself and others with your need to have authority. 
  • Blame- Stop pointing the fingers.
  • Complaining- Just deal with it or fix it. Simple. 
  • Need to impress others- Those “others” can honestly probably care less…. 
  • Fears- There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
  • The past- It’s done and over with.
  • Living your life to other people’s expectations- It’s YOUR life. Do what YOU want. 

Give up

So just give it all up already! I dare you. 


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