Summer, is that you?



As someone living in Wisconsin, I could not begin to explain the joy I get when the good summer days finally hit. After a brutal winter, I think we all here deserve this. There’s just something about this season that’s beautiful and gets everyone excited. Life seems more full of adventure and experiences during these next 3 months. I personally have not had more things going on in life until the middle of May hit when the weather JUST started getting good. Each summer is a new adventure waiting to happen. It’s a time of celebrations, festivals, vacations, cook outs, beach trips, and driving down the road with your windows rolled down. The sunshine just brightens everyone’s day.

I know these next few months will go by rather fast because lets face it, they do every year. However, I am determined to make the most out of each day. I want to experience new things. I want to make memories. I want to look back each year and say, “wow…. that was amazing.” Although I do not have my full summer planned of ideas yet, there is a quite of bit of things I would like to get done. Just like every year, I will be forming a list and each year I get better and better at actually sticking to that list. With this summer, I will capture the moments. By the end of August, I am hoping to have hundreds of wonderful photos and experiences I can look back on and never forget.


It’s an exciting thing to spend a whole summer with the people you love and care about. They bring new things into your life and you bring new things into theirs. I’m hoping for a relaxed, stress free summer. Leave the drama and negativity buried under the snow in the past and move on. Don’t let a single thing bother you. Like the saying, “Live, Laugh, Love.” Make that a summer moto. I know I will.

Well you’ve heard my thoughts on Summer so like always, I like to hear from you guys. What does summer mean to you?



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