We Are All Liars


And I stand to believe this statement…. “we are all liars.” There is not one person that can honestly say they have never lied. “I am not a liar.” But you are one. And this post is why I can prove it…. You might think to lie is to tell someone else something that is not true. However, that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the lies we tell ourselves. Yes, we all do it. We all lie to ourselves but we might never notice it. And here are some of the basic lies we tell ourselves everyday and my commentaries on them.

  • “I would but I….” -If you would, you would do it. No excuses. Most of the time this is saying you don’t want to and not because you have something else going on.
  • “I can’t live without…” -Yes, you can live! Unless you are talking about water or food, (which I know you aren’t) there is nothing anyone follows this statement up with that is truthfully something they would die without.
  • “Everything sucks.” -Talk about exaggeration, huh? No, EVERYTHING does not suck. That’s just what you wish to believe.
  • “I’m too old for that.” – You are never too old for anything. Do what you want. Make it happen. Age is just a number and your life only happens once. It’s not too late!
  • “I’ll do it later.” – Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate. You will most likely not do it later. Get up. Get going. Get that stuff taken care of already.
  • “It’s a bad thing to be self-centered.” – If this is your main mental state, yes but it’s more than okay to be selfish sometimes. Praise yourself. Gloat about your successes. Just don’t forget to do the same to others…
  • “I don’t care.” – I bet you do care. Playing something off to feel “tough” or show you are not effected by something is a waste of time. Sure, if you don’t want to show others it bothers you, don’t. But don’t lie to yourself about it. You know it bothers you deep down.
  • “I NEED you.” – You really do not need that person. You want that person. A need is something that keeps you alive. A want is something that satisfies a part of you in your life. There’s a difference there.
  • “I’m like this because of my past.” – No you are not. You are like the way you are because you choose to be. If you are not happy with the way you are, change it. Stop the lack of motivation and blaming everything on your past thinking you can’t do anything about it. Guess what? You can!
  • “I can’t do it.” -You can do it. Enough said.

Now do you see how we are all liars? I’m sure all of you reading this have told yourself most, if not all, of these lies multiple times in life. So before I give any more of my input on this topic, I want to ask you….. Why do we lie to ourselves? All comments are welcome!



2 thoughts on “We Are All Liars

  1. I guess sometimes, we’re just too lazy so we tell ourselves all these lies. For example “I can’t do it.” and “I’ll do it later.” I know I often tell myself this because the task might be just too long or I just don’t want to do. but I believe everyone lie for a reason unless you just like doing it then that would not be a good reason.

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