Things I Haven’t Gotten Around To Yet


So I have been sitting here thinking about all the stuff I’ve been meaning to do and try but haven’t yet…. And a lot of it is so simple that I can easily get up and get going. But I guess I am just way too distracted for that. I keep getting reminded of these things day after day and you know what? I really need to! Like…. now?

Well until this does happen, here I sit forming a list of all these things I can think of right now that I’ve been meaning to try and do. So here I go….

  • Spray painting some furniture
  • Buy more craft supplies
  • Make therapy warming packs
  • Infuse my water with fruits
  • Transform my “woman cave” into a blacklight room(will be able to happen next week)
  • Start an shop
  • Get back into beading
  • Start reading books again
  • Transform simple t-shirts
  • Try out more new recipes
  • Try a body wrap
  • Try out drink recipes

So much to get done! And this is just some…. I know there’s a lot more I just can’t think of at the time. Hopefully this post will remind me of this list everyday so I can start wiping some of this stuff away. What’s on your list?


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