Into the Mind of a Fellow Blogger

In regards to a previous post of mine, I addressed that I wanted to interview fellow bloggers out there to get more of an insight on what others think and feel when it comes to blogging. And in return I am not only posting those Q & A’s here but also giving this post a way to promote their blog. So thank you to my first responder, Yinglan Zheng, and please go visit her blog! 

Also, if you would like to be presented on my blog as well, there are some questions I would like to ask you as well! Comment below or email me at my personal blog email address:

Now here are the answers from another blogger to questions that might help someone understand more about blogging and what others perceive it as.

1. What got you into blogging?

Writing. Writing got me into blogging. After I joined Toastmasters in 2011, every month or so, I have to prepare a speech and that would often give me a headache because what do I write about. At the time, I wasn’t at all into writing. I thought writing was a pain in the ass for me so to speak.  
Of course, my head’s been filled with all kinds of imaginative stories but no, I cannot write about that, not yet at least. I had to write about a specific subject. I barely got through my first 7 speeches and by the 8th, I ran out of ideas. Until one day when I thought about food and wrote this great piece (or so I thought) about it.  I wanted some feedback and didn’t know what to do. My mom is not a blogger but she reads a ton of Chinese blogs on another website and that gave me the idea. That was essentially how I started blogging. 

2. What do you typically blog about?

I typically blog about life experiences but I also write fictions (short stories, flash fictions, and others). I find it a great balance for me because not only do I get to write about the things I know but I also have an outlet for my imagination. That is why I have two blogs, to separate reality and fantasy. 

3. What do you wish to get out of your blog?

There are three things I wish to get out of my blog. One is to share my life experience and some of the things I’ve learned and observed over the last 23 years. Everyone has a skeleton in their closets and I wish to share mine. 😛 The second may be a little silly and too full of myself and that is I wish to be discovered as a writer through sharing my work of fiction on my blog. The third is I want to inspire my audience. Everyone only has a limited amount of time on Earth, so why not make a contribution and try to make a difference for somebody. 

4. How often do you post?

I began blogging last February and after three posts, I decided to pause because my school work was too getting demanding. Then I started again in September and until my classes ended this April, I was a very inconsistent blogger. In an average month, I would post maybe a max of 5 posts because that’s how much time I could squeeze in between school, homework, and work. 
Then after I graduated in May, I wanted to write again and this time I’m committed to it. However, there were still those days where I was trapped in a freezing classroom at work and didn’t want to do anything but wrap myself in a warm jacket. So those days, I didn’t blog. Now, it’s June, my employment as a tutor ended and I’m no longer trapped in a classroom. So this month, so far I have been pretty consistent, blogging daily. So I would call myself a daily blogger from now on. 🙂

5. What did your best blog post so far entail? 

Food, Holiday, and Sight-seeing. The gist of the post is basically my mom, aunt, and I went to watch bald eagles during Chinese New Year of last year.  Then that night, my mom introduced me to a Chinese New Year Delicacy and I just decide then and there to blog it. This was also the last post I published before I paused blogging because of school and work. I didn’t even know how many likes I’ve gotten until I checked back in 7 months later. 

6. What advice would you give to someone who is new to blogging?

Write about what you know, don’t worry about whether you’ll find an audience because you will. Also post consistently, post daily, weekly or monthly but consistency is a key to any good blog. Don’t give up, be patient, if you get zero likes on your post, that’s okay, just keep trying. 

7. What influences are out there that help you write?

My mom is my main and only influence so far because she is mostly the cause and effect in my life. As you read my blog, you’ll notice that she is the subject in a majority of my blog posts. She is the cause of many interesting things that happens in my life. For example, a few days ago, she’s been begging me to get rid of all the newspapers and magazines in the garage and I did but unfortunately I got a long nasty paper cut from this trip. I know it’s silly but it proves my point. 

8. What do you do in the case of writer’s block? 

I have not experience writer’s block lately but whenever I do have a case of writer’s block, I find my mind wander from object to object in the room and thinking. Can I write about this? Can I write about that? But unless I’m writing fiction stories for my other blog, My Writing My Way, I don’t usually get writer’s block. 

9. Do you plan ahead of time about what you are going to write or just go at it? 

Sometimes I plan ahead of time, sometime, I just go at it. It all depends on the topic of the post I’m writing about. 

10. They say constant organization is key to a good blog. Do you believe this? How do you stay organized with your blog?

Of course! Constant organization is not only the key to a good blog but to a good life as well. If you want a good blog, organization starts from the very first post you publish. Blogs can be organized and stay organized very easily, in my opinion. 

Right now, I’ve published about 75 posts and that is a lot of posts to sieve through if you’re just looking for a specific article. Therefore, I have organized each of my posts into one specific category. Then whenever somebody wants to look at past articles, they can simply click on the categories drop down menu and find it from there. Then once in a while, if I have time, I’ll look through it and organize it again. In my opinion, the design and feel of the blog showcases a person’s personality.  So if you’re organized in real life, then your blog will probably be organized too, at least that’s my opinion. 



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