Blogging is the Way to Channel Ideas

I just spoke to another blogger that was interested in being interviewed for my blog. Below are the questions I asked and their responses. Great interview, great blogger. Take a look at their blog!
1.      What do you personally think are the benefits or best reasons for blogging?
Blogging is a great way to let off some steam. I began blogging because I was suffering from insomnia. I had so many ideas for articles and papers that I was unable to switch it off during the night. I had to channel it somewhere and blogging was the way to go. The fact that it might also improve my writing skills was a great bonus.
2.      What do you think attracts a reader to read a blog post?
 What the reader first sees is the title (and possibly the featured image). It’s therefore vital to pick a good title that catches the reader’s attention and suits the purpose of the text. It would be even better if you had a picture as an eye-catcher. Naturally you must also find the correct audience for your post by appropriate tagging. Depending on the type of the post and the demographic you are reaching out for, your register and style should also be adjusted accordingly.
3.      Do you free willingly write from whatever comes to mind or do you take a long processing time to think long and hard about what to say in a post? 
I like to take my time in polishing the text to make sure I won’t blow the thing out proportion. Yet the last post I wrote (The Cornetto Trilogy) was written in one sitting. It’s not something I usually do, but in that case it suited the occasion. I don’t like to improvise unless the matter at hand happens to be exceptionally easy.
4.      How long do you usually take on one post?
The writing process itself usually takes about 2-3 days. However the time I spend pondering the subject can be anything from a couple of weeks to several months.
5.      Where do you get your topics that you write about?
They can come from everywhere really. From media, friends, pop culture, internet… I simply build an opinion on a subject, play with it for a while and then narrow it to fit in the frames of a 400-800 word essay.
6.      What do you find most exciting about blogging?
The interactivity. I like to be able to comment, raise new topics into conversation. It encourages people to read and share thoughts, which is something I highly value.
7.      Do you handle constructive criticism well?
Yes, definitely. Comments are the most precious gifts a reader can give to the author because they are the proof of someone actually having had read and given thought to the message you want to convey. Everyone’s welcome to argue with me.  
8.      How do you promote traffic to your blog?
I don’t think I really promote much traffic to my blog actually. I like to read the posts of others and comment whenever I can, which sometimes seems to be able to attract people to my blog. It’s pretty ineffective but less laborious than writing a post everyday.
9.      Do you have any favorite blog topics you like to read about from other bloggers? 
Unfortunately I’m not too interested in the lives of others, which narrows the selection quite a bit. I’m currently seeking for opinionated blogs that discuss various topics. If anyone has a blog to recommend that suits the profile, come give me a nudge.
10.  Did you just go straight into blogging when you first got started or did you do some research for tips on how to get started? 
I had a couple of friends who had had some pretty successful blogs on sport and veganism and I did ask for some advice after the registration at WordPress. They recommended many of the things discussed before (accurate tagging, featured image) and also choosing a theme that works for the purpose of your blog and having a singular, clear topic to focus on. I admit to having ignored some of that precious advice for I discuss several topics in the forms of essays. But after all, that’s what I wanted to write.

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