A Leader To Be


So it’s a Friday morning and here I sit bored out of my mind at my desk at work. Fridays are never busy and my anticipation for the weekend quickly gets stronger. I try to occupy my time the best I can in these cases. For the past hour or so I decided on taking those fun little quizzes through Facebook. You know, those ones that answer a question for you based off your answers? Now of course these are always just for fun and should not be taken seriously but my result on one of the quizzes really got me thinking. I took the quiz titled, “how do others perceive me?” And I really liked my result. It went on to say that I am perceived as a leader.

“You are calm, cool, and collected. You know exactly who you are and what your values are. You are so secure within yourself that others are naturally drawn to you and follow you willingly.”

Now honestly, I am pretty sure not many, if any, people actually perceive me this way. However, I have always wanted to work my way up to a leader both socially and professionally. I once mentioned that my dream is to take on something that I can soon be a pro and very knowledgeable at. I know I would have a lot of work to do but working my way to the top is a great dream of mine. I really do want to be a leader, a CEO of a company, and a well known and respected individual. I want others to look up to me and be amazed by what I do. I want to take on a whole mess of things. My quickness to get stressed and flustered would definitely have to be worked on but I have faith it can be happen.

I want to come out a winner and make something of myself that no one would ever of expected from me. There will be struggles and complications on the way, but all that can be worked through. It’s not impossible by any means. My patience might be an issue as well. Anyone who knows me knows I have almost zero amount of patience. When I want something, I want it now. I hate to wait and I can’t always control that. This sometimes causes me to rush into something too fast and cause everything to just fall apart. I understand that and I think if I keep it in my mind at all times of what the consequences would be if I rush something, I can get passed that.

So a leader I want to be and a leader I will be….. someday 🙂


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