Cheers to the Weekend


After my weekend, I definitely returned to work with a case of the Mondays. Meaning I am dreading this week already and just want my weekend back! I love having a job where I get nights and weekends off but they seem to go by just too fast especially with my busy self. I try to get plans made every weekend and lately I have been crazy busy with them and have future weekends already planned as well. It’s exciting to have something to look forward to and to have memories with you from the past. This is why I believe I may be having one of the best summers yet (knock on wood).

Friday night after work was like any other one of my Friday nights, go home and start drinking. That’s always a blast, isn’t it? Just a chill night at home with my beer. Saturday morning consisted of me needing to be up early to go meet with a realtor because yet again, my fiance and I are moving after just BUYING a HOUSE back in December. Crazy, right? I know… I haven’t been all for it but can’t always stop your men. We are pretty much buying a new bigger house and renting ours out. Owning two houses sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Need I remind you we are both in our early 20’s. I am pretty sure this might be a life lesson that will be learned. But anyway…. after that “lovely” meeting we went off to Greekfest that was being held at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. And yes, I am a Greek and the main reason I was so stoked to go is for that amazing Greek food I grew up with but can’t seem to make myself very well at home. It was a blast and a great time I got to spend with my fiance. Our last stop there was at a basketball game where both of us happened to win Milwaukee Bucks bags, bobble heads, bracelets, and 2 tickets to a game. So that was pretty cool. Adds to another fun event I can put into my busy schedule.

After a great couple of hours at Greekfest, up north is where we headed. A nice 2 1/2 hour drive that we take every once in awhile to my fiance’s family. There I got to spend some girl time with his mother and brother’s girlfriend where we went and attended a Lia Sophia jewelry party while our guys stayed back to work on a car like typical men. The jewelry party was just as fun with a drink in hand outside enjoying the nice day. I did happen to feel the need to make a purchase which I am quite excited to get in the mail. A cute silver necklace with the word “believe” on it.


Sunday morning we drove back home to lovely Milwaukee where I got my own party set up and ready. Mine may have been the complete opposite for I was throwing what the business calls a “Surprise Party.” It’s a girl’s night type of party where you are the host and bring in the rep for the business to help sell their goods which in this case was yes, sex items 😉 It was definitely a great time with my girls though. We had a lot of good laughs and fun browsing the items and playing games. I received a lot of good incentives for hosting the party that I am looking forward to. I whipped up and purchased a lot of girly drinks and supplied some snacks like I do every party I throw. May have gotten a little too tipsy to the point where I made a big purchase but hey, got to live a little.



It was an exhausting fun weekend and I definitely fell to my bed to pass out right after I got everything cleaned up and got myself bed ready. And now here I am returned back at work on a foggy Monday morning not looking forward to more hours of sitting at a desk answering phone calls. But here’s hope in getting through this week so I can get to my next weekend full of busy fun activities.


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