There’s A Scammer Among Me….

I believe I need to take this post for today to make it knowledgeable of this terrible situation I am in right now. You can say I have been having the most awful Wednesday there is. Not only did my great uncle die unexpectedly yesterday, but today my fiance and I have got ourselves involved in a scary scam. And I will tell you EVERYTHING about it to call this terrible person out on their ridiculous antics. 

So like I mentioned in a past post, we are renting out our house and moving in to a different one. We put up the renting ad of our house up on craigslist. Yesterday I was sitting alone in my living room relaxing from the terrible news I found out about my great uncle when suddenly people were arriving at my door to look at my house… I didn’t think anything of it at first and welcomed them in to take a look. More and more people started doing this and I thought it was very odd because our craigslist post tells people to contact us and set up a showing, not just show up at the door. Then I was hearing from these people that the ad was listed for way less of a price than what we put out there. Today my fiance went on craigslist and saw that our house was listed from a stranger! Yes, a stranger that we can call a scam artist. This guy found our ad on craigslist and copied all of our information on our house with pictures and everything and posted it himself to try and get people to wire him money for our house. He would tell people to contact him because it’s his house and then he would tell people to just show up at our door to take a look at it. 

I’ve been doing my own little investigation and found out his information from these people that are being scammed by him in regards to my house. I emailed him, called him, and texted him with very mean and nasty messages and warned him we have the law enforcement on his case (which we don’t because I already called and they won’t do a damn thing). But this is all just a very frustrating situation and it terrifies me that someone can do this with our personal house information. Not to mention it is just plain creepy. 

And because I am so upset by this I am not going to care that I am placing the information I found out about him to share with you guys. Which by the way, he says he lives in New York but when I trace the number, it’s actually Ohio. But anyway, here is what I found out…..

His name is Anthony with the phone number of 614-321-9760. He has an email set up that is

And lastly, this is the email he is sending to everyone that contacts him…

Good Morning,

          Thank you for the interest you have in my house, I am very happy you would want to rent my house cause it is 

a lovely home and perfect for every family. My name is Anthony and i am looking for who wants to move in now or in the 

future. I would also need some information’s from you since i wont be doing or accepting application fees. Here is the 

address of the house, so you could go by and view it, (my address was here) . Rent is $650 and security 

deposit is $650 .I am currently working for UNICEF, as a relief distributor and currently working on helping kids with 

Hiv (aids), teenage pregnancy and drug abuses. I am currently situated in New York. That is the major reason i am 

renting my house out. Below are information about my house and my number is below, you can call or text 
thank you.

Price: $650 
Deposit: $650 
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Single-Family Home
Garbage Disposal
Status: For Rent
Pets Allowed: Yes
Small Dogs, Large Dogs, Cats


1) Your Full Name?
2) Present Address(where you reside now) & Phone#?
3) Age?
4) Marital Status?
5) How many Occupant that will be staying in the house?
6) Do you have any pet?
7) Do you have a car?
8) Occupation?
9) Your Income and Your Credit Scores?
10)How long are you willing to stay?
11)Rental history ( is this your first time renting)?
12)How soon do you want to move in ?

Job Title:
Company Name:
Length of Employment:

Telephone Number:
You can call or text me  on 614) 321-9760  

So not only did he make up a completely stupid and fake story about himself, he’s asking for people’s personal information! Really upset about this and don’t know what more to do about it. 


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