A Treat For Me


Oh boy…. what a crazy busy time of my life for me. I kind of start to feel bad that I am so busy I can’t even take a few minutes to sit down and type a blog post. I hate looking at my stats page and realize I am losing daily views. I guess there are good blog days and there a bad blog days.

But today on this fine Monday morning, what got me to take time to post was an unexpected small amount of cash I suddenly received. Yesterday I was down in Illinois to spend time with relatives when my Grandmother suddenly handed me over some cash. I was a little confused at first as to what I did to receive a good chunk of money but then I was told some cash has been given in inheritance to family members due to my great uncle’s passing. Then I just suddenly felt sad. I didn’t want anything to remind me of him while I was down there or talk to be spoken because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it very well.

But I suddenly began to think positive. In my hand I not only held cash received from my great uncle but also my Grandmother who threw in some extra cash as making up for not receiving anything on my birthday. It was definitely a great surprise and I couldn’t feel any more grateful. So I started to think, what should I actually do with this extra money?

Well I know one thing and that is I have been to free with money and not only spending it on useless stuff but also free willingly handing out little bits of cash here and there that eventually add up to great amounts. So I have decided to be a little selfish with this extra money I have received and will continue to do with other extra money I receive in the future. I have decided to not put it directly in my bank account because I do not want it to get mixed in with my other earned money (and lets be honest, my fiance likes to take a look at my account now and then because he’s a money freak and I would not like him to know of any extra money I receive šŸ˜‰ ) There goes selfish me but I think I deserve it!

So here I still sit wondering what plan I can create in my sneaky hidden ways of having some extra cash to myself without suddenly spending it all right away. And then there is the temptation I have to worry about. I think I may need to do some research on good tips and ideas.


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