So This Is What Growing Up Is


I lack toleration for anything that frustrates or disappoints me. I realize who is truly a friend and who is not and may never have been. I’d rather do my own thing than spend time with inconsiderate people. I find more happiness when I independently make my way through life. Lately I’d rather do things and go out on my own. Friends are great to have but a few great friends are better than a group of fake ones. Just because someone has been in your life for quite awhile, doesn’t mean they should of been there this whole time. Or maybe they at one point did. Either way, mistakes are made and lessons are learned. I grew up faster than a lot of people around me. I accepted different values, responsibilities, and adapted to a better personality. This, I believe, may have caused me to come to a great realization and that is necessary changes need to be made in my life. I am tired of disappointment and lack of respect. It’s time to turn the page in a new chapter of life and unfortunately leave some people and events in past chapters. I can and will not carry people on with me in life if I am unhappy. What good is a friend that continuously disappoints you and doesn’t give a damn? I am tired of reaching out to others after weeks of no contact but not getting the same in return. I have put too much effort into things and tried to keep friendships that I really shouldn’t have. I realize now how much I truly I hate having my time wasted. Be cautious about who you speak to or befriend. Don’t keep someone around just to have a lot of people in your life. Life is too short to be used, walked on, and treated poorly. From this day on, I am done. And I am not upset or hurt by this. I am filled with relief and joy that I can make such great decisions in my life and move forward no matter what it does or says for the past. So here’s to new beginnings and a life worth living.


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