Bring it back!


Born in 1993, I am a child at heart of the 90’s. Although I was pretty young, there are many products and things I still remember and loved from the 90’s I wish were still around and popular today. So this post will be dedicated to what I believe should be brought back. If you are a 90’s child, you will definitely enjoy this as well!

1. Tamagotchi!


I was completely obsessed with this thing when I was little. My main memory of it was one night when I was in bed I heard my Tamagotchi going off because it was hungry but I was too tired to get up and do something about it so it died by morning. Little did I know you can reset the toy for it to go back to life again so I ended up sad and throwing it away.

2. Beanie Babies!


I definitely had quite the collection of these.

3. Pogs!


I never understood these things but I did love collecting them.

4. Game systems!



I honestly still enjoy the older game systems more than the newer ones. A lot more simple to play and honestly, I’ve always found them to be more fun to play.

5. 90’s TV shows!


The best shows ever made during my lifetime are now completely gone.

6. Dunk a roos!


Probably one of the best snacks of the 90’s that I always wanted in my lunchbox.

7. Folded private notes!


A time before texting and the amount of technology we have now…

8. Koosh ball!


I just couldn’t stop playing with these things enough.

9. Milky pens!


My obsession with these grew greatly. I would not write or draw with anything at all and had a pretty good collection of them.

10. Renting VHS tapes from Blockbuster!


It was such a treat and a fun time to take a trip to the local Blockbuster to rent VHS tapes.

11. 90’s Game shows!


Because most of your time was probably spent watching them wishing you could participate. I know I did…

12. 90’s Candy!

images (1)

Oh yes… definitely the best treats.

Looking back on these products really make me want to throw a 90’s party. Sit around watching 90’s shows and movies, playing some old games. Maybe my next party get together? 😉

What products from the 90’s do you miss?


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