Ahhh…. When Your Weekend Starts at Noon on a Thursday

I came to work in the happiest mood ever. Why? Because I get to start my 4th of July holiday weekend at noon today! Who wouldn’t be happy about that??? I requested a half day of a vacation day for the second half of work so I can be gone by noon to go down to the amazing Summerfest of Milwaukee with my free admission ticket in hand. And what a great day to request that because considering tomorrow is a holiday, the company is off! And the best part is we get every weekend off as well so that makes for an amazing 3 1/2 day weekend off from work.

Instead of going with a big group of friends down to Summerfest like I usually do every year, I will be spending the time there on a “date” with my lovely fiance who I got to take off a half day of work as well. Lately I have been wanting to spend all my time with just him and family. A lot more peaceful with a lot less drama. One of the free concerts at Summerfest tonight is The Fray so we have decided on going to see them. That is, however, if my fiance isn’t a big baby about having to be down there so long in order for the show to start at 10 PM because yes, he has already complained about it. We’ll see if he can actually make it through the 6 hours of festivities before the concert.

Then tomorrow it is off to Illinois to spend 4th of July with the family. A nice cookout with tons of amazing food like my grandmother always makes. I will be returning home with tons of leftovers I steal, that’s for sure.

And now I just got word that we received two more free admission tickets to Summerfest so we’ll be going there again on Saturday. I cannot complain about that. I am definitely hoping for a fun filled weekend of great memories and I hope you all have an amazing 4th of July weekend as well! 🙂



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