A Change for the Better


Happy Saturday everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as I am. I guess what really got me to write this post is all the thinking I was doing yesterday during the 4th of July. Now my thoughts had nothing to do with the holiday so it is quite odd that absolutely nothing about yesterday actually sparked this but I have realized how much I am really ready for some more change in life. I have learned to be okay with change and find it very necessary to do throughout life. I have made quite a few changes over the past two years and they have definitely been for the better. I have been happy and less depressed. My anxiety has decreased by a great amount. I am having better control of myself and my life.

Now I am ready for even more. People might think because I want some more change, I must not be happy with my life right now. But that is not the case at all. As you get older and get through more days of life, you just see a variety of things you are ready to change whether it be for just the new experience or desperately need something to be different.

So what are these changes I will be making you ask? Well let me use my favorite format to inform you, a list of course 🙂

1. Eat clean- As much as I know I cannot absolutely eat 100% clean, I believe I can and should be eating clean for a majority of my diet. I have tried this before and have been successful for a great chunk of time. I am not entirely sure why I stopped but I no longer like that I did at all. I want to feel more lively and energetic and look great. Eating clean will be a great step to that.

2. Exercise- Along with eating clean comes exercising of course. And this was another thing I have done almost on a daily basis for a good chunk of time but suddenly stopped when I did with eating clean. I absolutely miss it. I miss the great feeling you get after a great workout. I have multiple little exercising supplies that are great to use for a quick workout at home. I will definitely have to be putting these to use more often and get a good schedule going.

3. Wake up early- I am not too bad at getting up early on mornings I do not work. However, when I do work, I tend to sleep in until the very last minute and have little time to get ready like I want to in the morning. I made a previous post about how to be more of a morning person and I will definitely need to use those techniques.

4. Get more done- I have been pretty annoyed with my procrastination. If I want something done or need to get it done, I need to make more of an effort to get it done right away. I also hate wasting my day away so this will greatly help with that.

5. Organize- I defintely need to be more organized and step one will be getting an organized system going with my changes I need to make that I am currently discussing. If I have an organized and physical system going instead of just thoughts in my head, I will be better at staying committed to my changes.

6. Stress less- Definitely a big one for me and my anxiety. I need to worry less and continue to enjoy life. I have a tendency of making up scenerios in my head that haven’t even happened and I get really upset or nervous. Definitely do not need this anymore.

7. Stop spending so much money- Probably the worst thing for me to control lately especially after getting a better paying job and just turning 21. I need to stick more to a budget and keep my finances under control so I can actually have money saved for my future.

8. Stop giving my time to people that don’t deserve it- Definitely something I have just started working on recently and have been quite successful thus far. I don’t need the drama and disprespect of others so I will no longer give my time to those people.

9. Take more pictures- I love creating memories and having fun. The thing I always regret the most after the memories are created is I never took any pictures to capture the moment. I get too caught up and don’t ever think about pausing for a second to get a picture. And I believe I may need to invest in a good camera soon.

10. Overall, just make the most of every day in a healthy stress free life.

And I hope this post encourages you to start working on the changes you want to make as well. I definitely think it’s a great thing to start. It’s never too late. So what changes are you wanting to make?

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