Mistakes (and non) I Made on my First Day of a Healthy Change

The other day I made a blog post about what changes I want to make in life right now. Well I started everything on that list yesterday and although I have been doing very well thus far, there are a few mistakes I made that I definitely have learned from. I suppose the most major change I had on there was I wanted to get back into exercising and eating healthy. So props to me for clearing out my kitchen of everything junk food related and going healthy food shopping! I bought a lot of yummy clean foods while shopping smart and hardly spending that much money at all.

My diet yesterday and this morning was great. I love healthy food so it is not too much of a problem for me at all. It’s just those once in awhile cravings for junk food I am going to have to fight against. But oh well, all takes time.

But anyway, back to my mistakes… well I did start exercising yesterday as well to get back into the groove. I cracked out my notebook where I have kept all my written down exercise routines and chose the first one I saw. I did a toning circuit that you see here below…

Now the problem is I kinda made a couple mistakes that got me to not do so well at this simple toning workout. I may have did some afternoon beer drinking. Now I know that was a terrible idea before working out but hey, it was Sunday and the last day of my holiday weekend before returning to work. I couldn’t help myself. But it was definitely a lesson learned! Even though I only had a couple beers, I felt beyond full and slumped. I waited a couple hours after drinking and even took a short nap but that seemed to of not done much. The workout was definitely a little difficult for me. And besides that, I hardly stayed hydrated during the day and did not do a stretching warm up. Now that I know how my body handled all of that, I definitely will not be making that mistake again!

But lets move on to the things I did do right! Like I said, I did get my healthy food into the house and have had a good diet. I even started making myself fruit infused water. Last night I prepared a water bottle for work of strawberry and kiwi. It is delicious and has great health benefits. I will be experimenting with more infused water recipes soon and will even talk more about it in a future post.



And don’t forget my yummy healthy chicken and veggie dinner I made for Daniel and I 🙂



My life changes continue today and I see nothing but good progress and a big achievement in the near future. Happy Monday everyone!


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