Want to Feel Better? Sleep Naked!


No, this is not a “dirty” post. This is actually quite interesting and might be very beneficial to you. I recently learned of some very good benefits to sleeping naked. I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the idea and thought what is the point? There’s a reason there are pajamas, right? But as long as you have your private space and bedroom during the night or with your significant other, there really isn’t much of reason to be uncomfortable with it especially after hearing these benefits of sleeping naked….

1. You age slower- Sleeping with clothes on actually keeps your body temperature warmer preventing growth hormones from being released and doing it’s thing of repairing your skin.

2. Better skin- This is the main time for your skin to breath causing it to look healthier and better.

3. Better sleep- You actually tend to get better sleep without the annoyance or uncomfortability of clothes and it’s elements such as drawstrings. And padding of clothes cause you to be warmer where you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep and stay asleep as you would if sleeping without clothes especially if you tend to get sweaty during the night.

4. Stronger relationship with partner- Nothing is more intimate and relaxing than skin to skin contact with you and your partner causing you two to become closer and stronger relationship wise.

5. Self-esteem- Sleeping without clothes causes you to become more confident and comfortable with your body.

6. Less clothes- You have less clothes to wash and buy when you’re not worrying about pajamas.

7. Promotes weight loss- Sleeping naked can actually reset your fat loss hormones.

So there you have it. Now go take off all your clothes and get to bed!



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