A Hobby to Enjoy

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Yesterday, as another change of mine, I decided to get back into a hobby. A hobby I used to commit more to when I was younger but stopped. I’ve decided to get back into crafting. I started off yesterday with the little bit of leftover supplies I had from a long time ago which was mostly beading items considering I mostly made jewelry. So I looked up a new beading design I have never tried before and went at it. It was relaxing. I forgot how much I missed doing my own little thing. Creating something no one else has. I beaded a bracelet and although it didn’t look too bad at all for my first attempt, there was still a little roughness to it that made me realize I need to get back into the groove of it. I am excited to continue this hobby with not only beading and jewelry work but other projects I decide to work on. I realized awhile ago it is time to focus more on me and my happiness and the alone time I get with a hobby really compliments that.

I made a list of a bunch of items I want to go to the craft store for so I better get my wallet ready because I may go crazy in there. But anyway, here’s a look at the beading work I worked on last night….
(Sorry for the poor quality. Like I have said before, I need to invest in a good camera.)

That work done was about 30 minutes in. I have completed the beading portion of it now and just have to buy clasps to bind the bracelet together. I’ll continue to update through more posts on what else I’ll be working on and some instructions in case anyone else wants to take a try at a project. And who knows, maybe I’ll get into selling my work 😉

If anyone has any other beading patterns or craft ideas to try, please let me know!


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