I Caved in for a BIG Purchase


Well, I finally did it and caved in! After the past couple of weeks of thinking and debating, I purchased a really nice camera. I have been saying for too long that I need to invest in one. I carefully did my research to find the best camera at the best deal and as of right now I am satisfied. I just hope no regrets will arise especially after it comes in. This camera better blow my mind. But I am definitely excited for it to come in. Obsessive package tracking will commence!

I just really need an awesome camera that will take crystal clear sharp photos and have an amazing zoom quality to it. Which I believe this camera will be just that. Not only will it be a great camera to take memory filled pictures in my personal life, but it will be one hell of a good camera to use for blog photos. Also, since I have been getting into doing crafts and jewelry making again, I am thinking about selling my items I make online. I figured this camera will also help with that seeing it can take awesome pictures of the products to post online and hopefully lure in some customers from my awesome photography skills 😉

Oh and did I mention the camera is actually a 5 piece set???? Yep! Not only comes with the FujiFilm camera but also comes with a SD card, carrying case, tripod, and cleaning kit.

But on that note, I think I should get back to work. Just wanted to share my big purchase story.


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