Future Runner? Maybe?


So my last post yesterday may have been too much of a freak out because honestly, running was not that bad! I will have to admit that I kind of actually enjoyed it. Right after work, I threw on what I could find decently enough for running (which I will admit, it was not all that good) and I went on an 8 minute run. Now 8 minutes may not seem like a long time but hey, it was my first day of an actual run. Cut me some slack. I was beyond exhausted after getting back to my house and pretty much out of breath, but it was so worth it. I felt great! I even managed to do a few stretches after catching my breath. Daniel made us a protein shake as well for an after run snack. That was actually all we ended up having for the rest of the day. It was filling and nice to cut back on some food.

I am definitely interested in working on running and maybe setting a plan with it to get better and faster. Now I just need to go out and purchase some good running shoes and attire. Clothes shopping? Of course I’m in!

Any runners out there willing to share your expertise? I am interested in talking to you!


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