Wire Wrapped Jewelry!

Don’t you love how the last hour of work just drags on and on? I sure do! And I hope you guys will catch on about just how often I am sarcastic šŸ˜‰

But anyway! I think the last hour drags on so much because I just get too excited to go home. Most of my work day consists of me thinking about what I am going to do when I leave this place and I finally think of something I am excited to do and just can’t wait to leave. My eyes seriously flash to the time every minute. Every….damn….long….minute.

So like I have mentioned in previous posts, I bought a TON of craft supplies and have mainly been focusing on making jewelry that I in return hope to sell on an online store. Well, I am in one of those crafts moods today (more like right this second) so I figured I would go home after work and have a relaxing time working on some jewelry. And because I have gotten a lot of down time at work, I started planning just what exactly I want to make. And then it hit me….

I purchased a TON of jewelry wire of all different colors so I figured I’d start with that. I did some research and Pinterest searching and found some really cool and easy wire wrapping techniques I wouldn’t mind giving a try and forming the wire into jewelry. I have so many designs in mind and I am pretty sure this is going to consume the rest of my day. But here’s a look at what exactly I am talking about and what I want to attempt.

b6486027d09268c8fe293445ca707053 b0b207b5b0e4b4e831ea409f2c60f9b3 978605f487a2aee376ec16553d10e3e9 64112be0bebf38df4d237898c17a4739 8288ce6ebcd51f87a5c0d2e49a276dba 8c28f8d18bdbedaa5700ca5ce48376f5 2be82ff439184cb8eafccc77d5b78eff 0e99669d53db2b6fbfa2fa05912acb63 bb5f20049a243da6cfd79c31e659d514

Thoughts? Ideas? Any good wire techniques you know of? Please share!


4 thoughts on “Wire Wrapped Jewelry!

  1. You should try all of them – you never know! What looks hard might be easy, what looks meh, might be magnificent! I did the beaded bracelet one (but I’m a nerd and used number beads and did the first 100 digits of pi). I’d be your first customer for the heart bracelets for my girls, the blue bead ring for my mother and I might even be inspired to try the heart one on my own. Let me know how it goes!

    • Wow, thanks! šŸ™‚ I definitely have enough stuff to give most, if not all, of them a try so I definitely will be going at it everyday for awhile! Haha I did some practicing and just getting my hands a little dirty at it yesterday and so far, so good šŸ™‚

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