One Post a Day Keeps Me Mentally Sane

So I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I go a day without posting at least something on my blog, I go crazy on the inside. I feel like I neglected my role as a blogger even though it does not say that in order to blog, you have to make at least one post everyday. It is really strange of me! Like I literally waste most of my day just trying to come up with something to post about. I think lately I have just been rambling but you know what? That’s okay because you loyal followers still stick by me I see and that’s what matters! So yeah, I don’t know if it’s just a busy schedule for me or I have writer’s block but I am like itching to come up with more post ideas and it is very hard right now. Maybe I am thinking too hard? Or maybe my mind wanders too much and I can’t stay focused on just one damn post idea and stick with it! Yeah… I think that’s it. But anyway, I will soon make a good comeback with great posts. I have faith in my little brain up there. I think I lost grip on what direction I wanted my blog to go but it’s been going and as long as I still make at least SOME great posts, I’m happy.

Well that’s enough rambling for now… In the meantime, enjoy these couple small practice rounds of wire jewelry making I attempted last night 🙂

(And yes, I did use my new fancy camera)



Oh! And look at the hemp choker I found that I made in high school! (Because I know you guys were dying to see)



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