I’m Not Normal and Neither is my Life


“I’m not normal and neither is my life. And I am okay with that.”

I had a random thought pop into my head that ultimately got me to have a small conversation in my mind. (And yes, I realize how much that makes me sound crazy.) I feel as if I get judged or lectured a lot because I do not do things the “normal” way or the “traditional” way. I break away from traditions and do things my way even with sudden impulses. This makes people not only judge and lecture me, but talk behind my back as well. Because lets be honest, people like to talk so much crap and spread rumors to get others to judge as well. And you know what? I don’t care because ultimately I am who I am and I like the way I think and do things. Who said normal and traditional was the only right way? Absolutely no one…

The sad part is, a lot of the times it’s family as well that gets involved in this. We might be family but just because you do something a certain way, doesn’t mean I have to. My family in particular gets upset and calls me out when I do something that I haven’t yet told them no matter how big or small it was. And when I do tell them or they do find out, I get a lecture. Hmm.. maybe that’s why I didn’t tell you? I’m a grown woman that’s been on my own for a couple years now. I love my family and friends. They are great people but it’s okay to branch out!

If my decisions or choices were so bad, I would not be where I am today at the age of 21. I would not have an amazing job living in an amazing house I can call my own with an amazing fiance. Hell, I am doing better in life than a lot of people I know both my age and even older.

Not only do I believe it is completely ridiculous to judge someone because they are not doing something normal or traditional, but I have to wonder what the point even is? Aren’t there worst things out there to worry about? Isn’t there a life of your own you should be more focused on? I’ll go ahead and answer these questions… yes. I think people are too worried about others and their lives, family or not, that they forget about their own.

My advice is JUST RELAX. Let people do what they want in their lives. Forget about using your own morals and ways of life to judge others. Don’t use the excuse, “I am only doing it and saying this because I care.” If you truly care about the person, Let. Them. Be.

I did not post this as a rant of being upset at the issue. I posted this to show just how happy and content I am with my life without the views or “help” of others. I am proud of where I am and what choice I have made and continue to make and that’s all that matters 🙂



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