Fish n Chips n Beer!

Craft-Beer-Battered-Fish-n-Chips-1024x696 I realize I don’t tend to post anything on the weekends and then looking through my feed, I realize hardly anyone really posts on the weekend. Is that a blog thing? Just kidding, I am pretty sure it’s because our lives are just so busy on the weekends! Well okay, I can’t say much about YOURS but my weekends definitely have been. It’s a good thing though! I’m enjoying keeping busy and these are events I decide to participate in so it’s not like I am forced to be so busy. But anyway, this past weekend I went to my town’s local festival, Port Fish Day. I no longer live there but I make it a tradition to participate in the festivities still and it is where all my friends are. It was a great time. Fish Day is a big festival/ fish fry downtown. It’s just like any local fair with tons of food, drinks, music, rides, and games. It was definitely a good time. But that good time may have been influenced by my beer drinking but hey, it’s my first LEGAL age to drink! I have to take advantage of that at festivities like this. fishday-sign Fish n Chips with a side of multiple cups of cold crisp Beer. Just what I needed for a Saturday. Not to mention, the weather was AMAZING. I also made a great purchase this weekend! No, not something stupid that I don’t need and just waste money on like I usually do…. I bought a good amount of running/workout attire! Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I am trying to get into running and become more active and healthy that way. I bought a couple cute running outfits and a pair of running shoes. FINALLY. I had absolutely no good clothes or shoes to workout or run in. One step at a time. Capture I didn’t manage to get any jewelry crafting done this past weekend but I guess there is always time later for that… Sometimes I just need more than 24 hours in a day. Okay, MOST of the time I need more than 24 hours. It’s crazy how much times goes by before you realize you really don’t have time to get the rest of the stuff done that you wanted to for the day. I have all these goals and things I want to do but the process seems a little slowed down. Maybe I should cut back on sleep? I mean… I pretty much have been having troubles sleeping lately anyway. Less sleep, more coffee. That may work…. Or maybe it’s just me? Maybe I am the one who is just too slow at doing things. I do tend to get sidetracked a lot. BUT, besides all the mumble, I am trying to get more and more stuff done each day and continue to work on better routines and systems for myself. We’ll see how all this hecticness (is that a word?) goes. How do you juggle multiple tasks each day?


2 thoughts on “Fish n Chips n Beer!

  1. I bought new workout clothes this weekend too! I was in desperate need of some new outfits since I always rotate the same things. And I think we all need more time in the day, but you couldn’t pay me enough to sleep less. I get super cranky if I get anything less than 7 hours!

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