Novel Suggestions?


So I have decided to get back into reading novels. I used to be such an introverted reader who read everyday, a bunch of different novels, when I was younger. I am not sure why I stopped but I miss escaping reality into a good book.  I had a series that I was completely obsessed with that I read a few time over again. I am thinking about re-reading them once again.

However, I am also interested in exploring other novels. My main interests are in fantasy of young adult fiction. It can be a series or a single novel, but I would like some suggestions of good books if there are any readers out there. Even if you don’t know of any from this genre I mentioned, please feel free to share still! I am interested in dabbling into other genres if need be.

So what are your novel suggestions? Post below!


2 thoughts on “Novel Suggestions?

  1. I don’t read neither fantasy nor YA fiction but I would recommend you literature with Gothic elements. E.g. Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, anything by the Brontë sisters, Fogazzaro’s Malombra etc. You could also give realism a try: Dickens’ The Great Expectations is my favourite and Rushdie’s Midnight Children isn’t bad either.

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