If You Walk into my Life, You Better Stick Around

This may be a rant post or just a simple post that maybe some of you can relate to but either way, I’m going to go ahead with it…


You know what really has me disappointed or frustrated? When someone comes in to your life but doesn’t stick around. Ever since moving to Milwaukee and growing apart from some friends back home, I have been trying to meet new people to be a part of my life and friendship circle. I’m not looking to be “popular” and have a huge group of friends going but a few would be nice.

However, it seems that I meet new people that seem really cool and yeah, maybe we do some activities together here and there and chat but I have realized that just a couple months later, they tend to branch off. We won’t talk as much anymore even when I am mainly the first and only person to reach out in contact. And I hear a lot excuses in reply to my offers to go out or do something together. Like what happened in those two months to turn people you once knew into complete strangers?

Not only does my time get completely wasted with people like this, but I just get highly disappointed. I gave you my time. I shared stories with you. I thought you could be a friend. For what? Nothing…

Now a days I am more cautious with people. I will only give you my time if you can prove you want my time. If you can prove you can be there as a friend. If you can prove you’re not like the typical range of society. A society of a lot of disappointment and mistrust.

This may be the reason I tend to stay pretty reserved now a days and do things on my own. Never the less, it’s always nice to have people around still. One day I will have that.


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