A Day Alone is not so Bad


Sunday?? Already?? Why must the weekends always come and go at the blink of an eye? I dread Monday as it slowly approaches…. Another work week of pure unenjoyable torture. Okay, that may have been a little dramatic especially when my job is not that bad at all compared to jobs of others around my age. But none the less, I do enjoy my days off so much. Who doesn’t?

Friday night and Saturday was a blast. Family time and some delicious food and cold beer. Now today, I returned home early this morning to be left alone all day while the fiance is out working and playing tennis. And I got to say, it is not all that bad. I enjoy my time alone with a whole house to myself. It’s like that feeling you got as a kid when your parents left for the day or weekend.

Earlier, I was more on the side of wanting to get some friends to go to the beach but soon realized, eh, maybe I’ll just have a good day to myself. And that is exactly what I chose to do. It gives me a chance to do things I have been wanting to do without the distraction of others or anything in my way. I did some minor chores already such as my laundry and got some time to make some jewelry! Sitting on the couch with my laptop and other necessities of my day alone spread out on my table that lifts up like a desk and a TV for some shows to play in the background. Already cooked and had a nice lunch to myself, while leaving some leftovers for the fiance of course, and now I am ready to move on to some other tasks of mine!

I’m planning on continuing my craftwork and doing some little research online I’ve been wanting to do. Also, I am going to take this time to go through a lot of my stack of personal papers and get my things more organized and get rid of a lot of that stuff I do not need anymore. Nothing bugs me more or gets me anymore OCD than seeing my folders and binders packed of messy papers.

I’m planning on throwing in a shower somewhere in there as well and some other miscellaneous tasks I come across that I want to get done. Maybe do some more reading as well. So enough of me rambling about my day alone… time to get back to “work.”

Oh! And a storm is rolling in now! I am perfectly okay with that 🙂

How do you spend your time alone?


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