Random Thought for a Monday Morning


Blame it on the caffeine buzz from the coffee, but I think of the weirdest things. Seriously though… here I am just sitting at my computer desk with my coffee in hand when boom! Random thought pops in my head that makes me lose focus and drift off into lala land.

But anyway….

This is quite an interesting thought to think about…

How awesome would it be if we could just escape reality and our world at any time for just a little while?

And no! I do not mean with drugs.

You know, just get away to a fantasy world made up of everything awesome. Then again, you might never want to leave and people might think you are crazy when you do return to the real world. But none the less, it is fun to think about. Call me a kid stuck in her imagination but I would love to get away from the real world now and then.

Maybe this is why I read so many fiction fantasy type books. It’s as close as I can get to a different world. I am sure there are many other people out there that think or feel the same way so I don’t deem myself as weird or crazy quite yet.

But seriously… could you imagine?



4 thoughts on “Random Thought for a Monday Morning

    • Haha, Narnia would be kind of awesome 😉 Unfortunately, I cannot relate with sweltering heat because Wisconsin has yet to hit that. For now it’s just warm but I am okay with that!

      • Because I live in the desert, when it gets hot, it’s like 90’s and 100’s and when it gets cold, it sometimes drops to single digit. I think Wisconsin gets a lot colder than that during the winter, right? This summer has been unseasonably hot here and ironically, I wish it would snow right now.

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