How Much Time You Have VS. How Much Time You Want


Okay ladies… here is a post that will most likely relate to you. Men, you can stick around and read as well.

After I FINALLY am done getting ready in the morning, I look at the time and realize wow, that really wasn’t much time at all and I really am not fully ready like I wanted to be. I literally spend my time getting ready right up to the very second I need to leave in order to get to work on time. After I rush out the door and get into my car, I realize there was so much more I wanted to do.

Now I know we put this on ourselves. It’s either we need to require less of ourselves when getting ready or we need to wake up much earlier. And to be honest, I don’t like the sound of either of those so it is definitely a lose-lose situation. Now I know in a previous post I have said that I want to work on getting up earlier and I may have failed a bit at that so far but I am still trying!

But anyway, back to the point of this post. It is always said that women take too long to get ready for anything really and I do have to agree. It’s not an insult by any means. We do take a long time to get ready but it’s only because women have so much more to do! Men can just throw on clothes, brush their teeth, and rush out the door.

Women, on the other hand, like to spend time on their appearance and I am definitely guilty of that. I love make up. I love hairstyles. I love smelling good. I love looking good. And in order to perfect this and be happy with our appearance, each task needs time. We can’t just rush through and expect to be okay with our appearance.

The problem I have personally myself is I have so much makeup and hair products that I like to use all of it to the best I can and that means experimenting with different looks each day. Now lets say one of the looks I try fails… then I have to start all over with a different look! And that is not only frustrating but of course would take up a lot of time. I as well like to make sure I have everything I could possibly need for the time  being of me being at work or gone anywhere else for the day. I make sure I have my lunch with me or a plan for lunch and I make sure I have all my necessities in my purse. If I am not prepared with either, I take more time to get those things done as well. Definitely a struggle but one that I put on myself.

And back to my point about leaving home and realizing you didn’t get everything done you would like… this happens to me practically every morning. I go to bed the night before thinking about what I need to all get done the next morning and I maybe get between 50-70% done. I pretty much always leave my house never satisfied but always have hope that one day I will learn. Take this morning for example, I had a hair dilemma. Due to always bleaching and dying my hair, it doesn’t really grow as fast as it should or hardly at all really so I like to wear hair extensions. Last night I washed and cleaned my hair extensions and had them sitting on a towel on my counter to dry and be ready for me to put in this morning. Well guess what? I ran out of time and couldn’t even take my 7 step hair extension process to put them in. So I did what any other frustrated woman would do with their hair fail and threw it up in a hair clip.

So tell me, ladies… just how much do you relate to this?


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