Regrets are a Part of Life so Face Them


Have you ever done something or made a choice that you later wish you could take back? Whether it be just days, months, or even years after the fact I am sure there is something that always comes back to haunt your mind. We are always told to live life without regrets but I personally believe that is impossible. Everyone has regrets big or small. Sometimes they are forgotten after awhile but there are some that might stick with you throughout your life that seem to always pop in your mind at the most random time. Or maybe something happened that just reminded you of that regret. This seems to be a fairly common problem of mine. I try my hardest to not have so many regrets but when I am in a funk or a terrible mood, I can’t help but to think about them. And that is exactly what has brought me to my blog today…. regrets.

Now, I am just going to be open and personal with you guys and let you in on some of these regrets that I uncontrollably carry with me. Hopefully it will help some people with regrets like this to realize they are not the only one. In fact, my big bundle of regrets just might outweigh a lot of other’s. At least, that’s what it feels like for me.

So what are these regrets, you may ask? Well, I am sure some of them are pretty common among a lot of people. You yourself might even relate to some of these….

  • Spending time with wrong people
  • Not getting the college dorm life experience
  • Growing up too fast
  • Not taking better care of my health
  • Letting so many things get to me
  • Over-reacting to situations that caused permanent damage
  • Saying hurtful words to the ones I love
  • Not getting out of a situation when I should have
  • Dealing with things in a negative way
  • Brushing things off when I should have taken care of them
  • Not spending enough time with the RIGHT people and family
  • Not taking a chance
  • Not getting into more activities in school when I was younger
  • Putting trust or faith in people I shouldn’t have
  • Wasting time
  • Not believing in myself more
  • Spending too much money on useless things
  • Caring too much about situations that I shouldn’t have cared about
  • Not living more freely
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Being so naive

Yes… all of these regrets stick with me and pop up now and then at least once. But needless to say, a lot of these are not too late to change and I will be working on them starting this day forward.

What regrets do you carry with you?


One thought on “Regrets are a Part of Life so Face Them

  1. There are so many things I COULD regret,that sometimes finds its way into my brain.

    – Not taking care of my health at times
    – Not being particularly kind to certain love interests in my past
    – Definitely growing up too fast (but I’ve made up for that now, I think. I feel I’ve reverted haha)

    But I choose not to. Force myself not to.

    Because as much as I hate having or not having done certain things in my life, I know that those actions and decisions have led me to who I am today, for better or worse. Without mistakes or regret, one does not figure out what it is they truly want, or what they really believe in. It teaches you to really grab for something the next time it comes around, even if it’s not the exact same thing.

    I regret letting my health go at times, which makes it all that much harder to get back control of- so I’ve learned not to let that happen because I know just how hard and torturous that can be. I’ve treated my exes and ex-flings very poorly, which serves as a reminder and why I try to be a better person in my current relationship. I grew up way too fast, and just couldn’t wait to be an “adult”…I realize that, which is why I now treasure every moment, the people in my life and remember to laugh, be goofy and not take life too seriously.

    xxo Carly

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