The Flaws and Struggles in Make Up


Don’t worry guys… I’m still here and alive! I know probably so many of you were worried by my unusual length of time going without making a blog post. I really don’t have much of a good excuse except things have gotten even crazier in life lately. But none the less, I always manage to get around to blogging at some point and can’t bare to quit it.

So I guess the influence for today’s post would have to stem from my makeup routine…. yes, yet another makeup post that so many other ladies can relate to! I was thinking about just how frustrating it can be to be a female. At least one that is into getting “dolled” up. Make up is like an art and it can be highly irritating to deal with on a daily basis. It takes a lot of time and work to get it to your version of perfect but at what cost? Not only is make up completely expensive, it is also quite irritating when you run into the flaws of some make up products.

So here’s my list of the annoying and frustrating flaws I find in make up.

  • The smell of a perfume NEVER lasts long enough.
  • Lipstick/lip gloss rubs off at every sip of a drink or bite of a food. I literally starve myself just for my lipstick.
  • Eyeliner smears making you look like a raccoon.
  • Any slight touch of where makeup was placed and it’s like your look is completely ruined.
  • Finger nail polish NEVER lasts! What’s with all the chipping?
  • Winged eye liner is close to impossible to perfect.
  • Make up tutorials and instructions make it look way easier than it actually is.
  • You hardly ever get the results you expected.
  • If you want great make up, you pretty much need to spend hundreds of dollars.
  • If you don’t find a foundation that 100% matches your skin tone, you’re screwed.
  • Can’t drop that eye shadow pallet or powder without it breaking into a million messy powder chunks that you’re just going to have to throw out now.
  • Not all eye shadows like to stick to your eye lids without looking faint and just…awful.
  • You see a make up item at the store that you think will be perfect for you until you get home and find out it doesn’t work well with your skin at all and it’s not like you can just return used make up…
  • We spend too much time applying makeup that never lasts as long as we expected it to and get you through the day.
  • We have to do touch ups too often throughout the day.
  • Got too make sure all make up is completely secure and closed. Otherwise you will be opening your purse or make up bag to a hell of a mess.

But none the less, I still love make up too much and I guess it’s a choice to put up with the struggles and work with make up to practice different techniques with different brands and items until you find just what you were looking for. Even if it ends hundreds of dollars later….. 😉

Have a great week everyone!


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