Hi, My Name Is Crystal and I Have a Spending Addiction


No, really…. I have a serious spending addiction and I am realizing how much of a problem it has been becoming. Yes, it’s the holidays and money is always a little tight around then but I seriously cannot use that as an excuse. For one, you should never make excuses for things you can really control and two, my spending really hasn’t been all that much on Christmas gifts or anything. More myself than anything….. :/

I feel broke. The life of every 20something year old I would assume. I have a great job with great pay and everything and I think I abuse that. I make excuses for my spending all the time and think for unrealistically positive about it instead of facing the facts and seeing what the possible consequences will be after making purchases.

And although, I do shop smart in a way where I look and do my research on the cheapest deals before buying, it still all adds up over the course of the month and boy, what a terrible November and December I have had. I literally get extremely disappointed and upset with myself when this happens. I take a look at my bank account and just beat myself up. Just determining what has to come out of my next paycheck on Monday, made me see that my check wasn’t even going to be enough to cover everything so I had to transfer money from my savings! Something I absolutely hate doing.

So what have I decided to do? Well… after my last couple of purchases that need to be made this weekend, I am leaving my debit card and credit cards home whenever I leave the house for the rest of the month so I have no temptation to spend! That should help a lot. I’ll just make sure I have gas in my car and I am set.

What do I still need to do? Well, I definitely need to adapt to better spending habits. Maybe a little research will help me see through my ways. I also need to keep my mind and body occupied for the rest of the month at home so I won’t think about spending even a dime.

Anyone out there have any ideas to help myself and others that are having this problem? Please share in a comment below!


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