Your Place in the World


It hasn’t even hit noon yet before my mind started going crazy with thoughts today. And what do you do when you have a mind full of thoughts? Blog about it of course!

My struggle today can most likely be relatable to MANY people in their 20’s like me. I randomly began thinking about my life. Actually, it’s not too random because I find myself doing this quite often. The struggle I face is I am not too happy with where I am in life right now. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great things I will never change such as recently getting married to the love of my life and have a house of our own but that’s not everything in life….

I will quote exactly how I stated it before….

“I’m finding it extremely hard to find my place in life in regards to what I want to do or where I exactly want to be in addition to the little areas I am in now which I guess is very typical for someone in their early 20’s. I’m making it a goal for 2015 to at least get a better idea for myself and a plan I can at least start working towards regarding my life.”

Now what does this mean? Well, simply put, my indecisiveness and lack of ambition has caused me to not figure out what I want in my life to make me happy. Instead, I settled with what I have and didn’t move any farther.

My job? I will admit, I do have a good job that I only got through connections but is this really where I want to be for years to come? Not at all. As much as I can move up on the scale here, I really do not know if I am happy staying here. My co workers are great. The place is great. But overall, I feel I am the tiniest person at this business and I just want to be heard more and have more value to what I offer.

Thinking about my ideal job, I honestly feel I would be better off with a more independent job. Why? Because, not to be shallow, but I can’t stand people. I can’t stand people always looking over my shoulder or telling me what to do and what not to and always checking in on me. My level of patience just is never there.

So here’s to my new search I began investigating already to find exactly what I can do career wise that can be more independent for myself.

School? Now here’s another tough aspect of life for me. Do I go back to school or not? If I do, what would I go back for? I have no ideal position or study in mind that is causing me to jump on the schooling train. But I feel I would feel more complete with a earned degree to my name.

And what about my overall self and well being? I can hardly stick to one thing without giving it up and moving on to something else and just repeating the process. This in regards to routine, hobbies, and lifestyle. I want to find one true calling in life that I can enjoy doing on my free time and that can better my health.

So here’s to 2015 and my goal of getting a better idea of my life and where I want to be that will hopefully get me started on a go to plan I can start working on to reach my fullest life choices.



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