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Hello everyone! I am still alive! 😉 Haven’t been on here in MONTHS. Even though this blog was doing so well, I have decided to start a new different blog focused on one thing. I have made BIG recent changes in my life focusing on health and lifestyle and dedicated a whole blog to it for people to follow and even participate with me in my journey! Oh.. and I also just got married :p

So please head on over to and start following me! Take a look at my first post there to get a better idea of what the blog is all about 🙂

Blog will be updated more frequently and even better than this one!


The Flaws and Struggles in Make Up


Don’t worry guys… I’m still here and alive! I know probably so many of you were worried by my unusual length of time going without making a blog post. I really don’t have much of a good excuse except things have gotten even crazier in life lately. But none the less, I always manage to get around to blogging at some point and can’t bare to quit it.

So I guess the influence for today’s post would have to stem from my makeup routine…. yes, yet another makeup post that so many other ladies can relate to! I was thinking about just how frustrating it can be to be a female. At least one that is into getting “dolled” up. Make up is like an art and it can be highly irritating to deal with on a daily basis. It takes a lot of time and work to get it to your version of perfect but at what cost? Not only is make up completely expensive, it is also quite irritating when you run into the flaws of some make up products.

So here’s my list of the annoying and frustrating flaws I find in make up.

  • The smell of a perfume NEVER lasts long enough.
  • Lipstick/lip gloss rubs off at every sip of a drink or bite of a food. I literally starve myself just for my lipstick.
  • Eyeliner smears making you look like a raccoon.
  • Any slight touch of where makeup was placed and it’s like your look is completely ruined.
  • Finger nail polish NEVER lasts! What’s with all the chipping?
  • Winged eye liner is close to impossible to perfect.
  • Make up tutorials and instructions make it look way easier than it actually is.
  • You hardly ever get the results you expected.
  • If you want great make up, you pretty much need to spend hundreds of dollars.
  • If you don’t find a foundation that 100% matches your skin tone, you’re screwed.
  • Can’t drop that eye shadow pallet or powder without it breaking into a million messy powder chunks that you’re just going to have to throw out now.
  • Not all eye shadows like to stick to your eye lids without looking faint and just…awful.
  • You see a make up item at the store that you think will be perfect for you until you get home and find out it doesn’t work well with your skin at all and it’s not like you can just return used make up…
  • We spend too much time applying makeup that never lasts as long as we expected it to and get you through the day.
  • We have to do touch ups too often throughout the day.
  • Got too make sure all make up is completely secure and closed. Otherwise you will be opening your purse or make up bag to a hell of a mess.

But none the less, I still love make up too much and I guess it’s a choice to put up with the struggles and work with make up to practice different techniques with different brands and items until you find just what you were looking for. Even if it ends hundreds of dollars later….. 😉

Have a great week everyone!

Regrets are a Part of Life so Face Them


Have you ever done something or made a choice that you later wish you could take back? Whether it be just days, months, or even years after the fact I am sure there is something that always comes back to haunt your mind. We are always told to live life without regrets but I personally believe that is impossible. Everyone has regrets big or small. Sometimes they are forgotten after awhile but there are some that might stick with you throughout your life that seem to always pop in your mind at the most random time. Or maybe something happened that just reminded you of that regret. This seems to be a fairly common problem of mine. I try my hardest to not have so many regrets but when I am in a funk or a terrible mood, I can’t help but to think about them. And that is exactly what has brought me to my blog today…. regrets.

Now, I am just going to be open and personal with you guys and let you in on some of these regrets that I uncontrollably carry with me. Hopefully it will help some people with regrets like this to realize they are not the only one. In fact, my big bundle of regrets just might outweigh a lot of other’s. At least, that’s what it feels like for me.

So what are these regrets, you may ask? Well, I am sure some of them are pretty common among a lot of people. You yourself might even relate to some of these….

  • Spending time with wrong people
  • Not getting the college dorm life experience
  • Growing up too fast
  • Not taking better care of my health
  • Letting so many things get to me
  • Over-reacting to situations that caused permanent damage
  • Saying hurtful words to the ones I love
  • Not getting out of a situation when I should have
  • Dealing with things in a negative way
  • Brushing things off when I should have taken care of them
  • Not spending enough time with the RIGHT people and family
  • Not taking a chance
  • Not getting into more activities in school when I was younger
  • Putting trust or faith in people I shouldn’t have
  • Wasting time
  • Not believing in myself more
  • Spending too much money on useless things
  • Caring too much about situations that I shouldn’t have cared about
  • Not living more freely
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Being so naive

Yes… all of these regrets stick with me and pop up now and then at least once. But needless to say, a lot of these are not too late to change and I will be working on them starting this day forward.

What regrets do you carry with you?

Lip Venom: Plump Your Lips with Gloss

Dazzling Beauty


Lip Venom. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This product definitely caught my eye by the name and quickly caught my liking even more so after trying it. Today I thought I would give a quick a review and description of this amazing stuff.

Lip Venom is a gloss that also acts to bloat and puff your lips. It is quite a clever product actually and definitely worth the cost. This product starts working literally right as you put it on. Now I will warn you, it does give a bit of a tingling feeling when you apply it but that quickly goes away within seconds. The name and purpose together is actually quite genius when you think of the meaning…

Lip venom, such related to a snake bite that would cause you to bloat or puff up. Lip Venom, such as the gloss, represents this by giving a tingling feeling to…

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How Much Time You Have VS. How Much Time You Want


Okay ladies… here is a post that will most likely relate to you. Men, you can stick around and read as well.

After I FINALLY am done getting ready in the morning, I look at the time and realize wow, that really wasn’t much time at all and I really am not fully ready like I wanted to be. I literally spend my time getting ready right up to the very second I need to leave in order to get to work on time. After I rush out the door and get into my car, I realize there was so much more I wanted to do.

Now I know we put this on ourselves. It’s either we need to require less of ourselves when getting ready or we need to wake up much earlier. And to be honest, I don’t like the sound of either of those so it is definitely a lose-lose situation. Now I know in a previous post I have said that I want to work on getting up earlier and I may have failed a bit at that so far but I am still trying!

But anyway, back to the point of this post. It is always said that women take too long to get ready for anything really and I do have to agree. It’s not an insult by any means. We do take a long time to get ready but it’s only because women have so much more to do! Men can just throw on clothes, brush their teeth, and rush out the door.

Women, on the other hand, like to spend time on their appearance and I am definitely guilty of that. I love make up. I love hairstyles. I love smelling good. I love looking good. And in order to perfect this and be happy with our appearance, each task needs time. We can’t just rush through and expect to be okay with our appearance.

The problem I have personally myself is I have so much makeup and hair products that I like to use all of it to the best I can and that means experimenting with different looks each day. Now lets say one of the looks I try fails… then I have to start all over with a different look! And that is not only frustrating but of course would take up a lot of time. I as well like to make sure I have everything I could possibly need for the time  being of me being at work or gone anywhere else for the day. I make sure I have my lunch with me or a plan for lunch and I make sure I have all my necessities in my purse. If I am not prepared with either, I take more time to get those things done as well. Definitely a struggle but one that I put on myself.

And back to my point about leaving home and realizing you didn’t get everything done you would like… this happens to me practically every morning. I go to bed the night before thinking about what I need to all get done the next morning and I maybe get between 50-70% done. I pretty much always leave my house never satisfied but always have hope that one day I will learn. Take this morning for example, I had a hair dilemma. Due to always bleaching and dying my hair, it doesn’t really grow as fast as it should or hardly at all really so I like to wear hair extensions. Last night I washed and cleaned my hair extensions and had them sitting on a towel on my counter to dry and be ready for me to put in this morning. Well guess what? I ran out of time and couldn’t even take my 7 step hair extension process to put them in. So I did what any other frustrated woman would do with their hair fail and threw it up in a hair clip.

So tell me, ladies… just how much do you relate to this?

Random Thought for a Monday Morning


Blame it on the caffeine buzz from the coffee, but I think of the weirdest things. Seriously though… here I am just sitting at my computer desk with my coffee in hand when boom! Random thought pops in my head that makes me lose focus and drift off into lala land.

But anyway….

This is quite an interesting thought to think about…

How awesome would it be if we could just escape reality and our world at any time for just a little while?

And no! I do not mean with drugs.

You know, just get away to a fantasy world made up of everything awesome. Then again, you might never want to leave and people might think you are crazy when you do return to the real world. But none the less, it is fun to think about. Call me a kid stuck in her imagination but I would love to get away from the real world now and then.

Maybe this is why I read so many fiction fantasy type books. It’s as close as I can get to a different world. I am sure there are many other people out there that think or feel the same way so I don’t deem myself as weird or crazy quite yet.

But seriously… could you imagine?


A Day Alone is not so Bad


Sunday?? Already?? Why must the weekends always come and go at the blink of an eye? I dread Monday as it slowly approaches…. Another work week of pure unenjoyable torture. Okay, that may have been a little dramatic especially when my job is not that bad at all compared to jobs of others around my age. But none the less, I do enjoy my days off so much. Who doesn’t?

Friday night and Saturday was a blast. Family time and some delicious food and cold beer. Now today, I returned home early this morning to be left alone all day while the fiance is out working and playing tennis. And I got to say, it is not all that bad. I enjoy my time alone with a whole house to myself. It’s like that feeling you got as a kid when your parents left for the day or weekend.

Earlier, I was more on the side of wanting to get some friends to go to the beach but soon realized, eh, maybe I’ll just have a good day to myself. And that is exactly what I chose to do. It gives me a chance to do things I have been wanting to do without the distraction of others or anything in my way. I did some minor chores already such as my laundry and got some time to make some jewelry! Sitting on the couch with my laptop and other necessities of my day alone spread out on my table that lifts up like a desk and a TV for some shows to play in the background. Already cooked and had a nice lunch to myself, while leaving some leftovers for the fiance of course, and now I am ready to move on to some other tasks of mine!

I’m planning on continuing my craftwork and doing some little research online I’ve been wanting to do. Also, I am going to take this time to go through a lot of my stack of personal papers and get my things more organized and get rid of a lot of that stuff I do not need anymore. Nothing bugs me more or gets me anymore OCD than seeing my folders and binders packed of messy papers.

I’m planning on throwing in a shower somewhere in there as well and some other miscellaneous tasks I come across that I want to get done. Maybe do some more reading as well. So enough of me rambling about my day alone… time to get back to “work.”

Oh! And a storm is rolling in now! I am perfectly okay with that 🙂

How do you spend your time alone?