Managing Two Jobs in Your Twenties…


Hey guys! I am pretty stoked right now with a mix of nervousness and maybe a little bit of worry! I applied for a second job as bartender and not only did I get a call back within a couple days, I went in for the interview the next day, got hired on the spot, had an orientation that same day and now start my first night of training tonight! You are now officially looking at an Applebee’s bartender 🙂

Which did require me to quickly take my bartending course online (a good ‘ol two hours) and submit my application for my bartending license. I am pretty excited because I did enjoy the minor bartending I used to do and had fun expressing my knowledge of making drinks and talking to customers. And the good tips of course! 😉

But I have also been a little nervous about maintaining two jobs… I have faith I can do it but I just hope it doesn’t get too much for me. I have my main full time Monday-Friday 8-5 job and now I picked up this one for the weekends which will require me to work every day of the week a lot of the time with some exceptions here and there. I think of it as, at least these two jobs aren’t really too much of hard physical labor which would be plenty good for my body.

So I guess I have been trying to think more positively about this as much as I can.

1) Extra cash
2) Not hard labor
3) If I do feel I can’t handle it, I could always quit and still have my main job
4)I will still have some free time during the week
5) I’ll have awesome bartending skills 🙂

Are there any other bartenders out there that can provide me with some tips? Or anyone who is currently working 2+ jobs, how do you handle it?