Night Owl: Thinking Outside of the Norm

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Here’s a random thought for a Monday….

I come up with the most clever thoughts/ideas and well constructed sentences in my head after 11 PM.

Anyone else? Because I find this to be really common among people. You know when you’re laying there in bed unable to sleep and all these random thoughts just come in? Isn’t it weird how that works? All during the day you can’t come up with one creative thing and then suddenly when you hit the bed, boom! All the creativity come to you.

They say to keep a notebook or journal on the side of your bed for reasons like this. Which, I kind of want to start doing so because last night I couldn’t help but think, wow! Did I really just get all clever and such just now? Look at the time to notice it was 11:15… then midnight… then almost 1 AM… and the thoughts just kept on coming! Maybe I should replace some of my sleeping hours with writing. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

I used to write all the time when I was younger. In fact, it was my dream for the longest time to be a journalist but that was quickly taken from me when people kept giving me negative feedback on the difficulty of getting into that field. But oh well… perhaps I can just be my own writer lost in my mind at the late hours of the night. Perhaps this would help with doing blog posts! So if you ever see a really clever blog post from me, just know I probably came up with it at 2 in the morning.

I did a little research on why this might be and although I haven’t read much yet, it is scientifically shown that “night owl” people are much more creative. I don’t know too much of the specifics but do know it has something to do with different areas of your mind starting to shut down for sleep which causes your mind to think outside of the norm.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But definitely interesting! I might do some more research because I am quite curious…

So what does everyone think? Are you the same way? Do you put your creative juices to work in the late hours of the night?


To Find Something to be Passionate About


When I started this blog, I originally told myself I will make time everyday to at least make one post. Well that was definitely a fail! I have been beyond busy with a bunch of things that I will not get into because it would probably just put you to sleep, BUT they have been enjoyable busy moments for me 🙂

So thanks to my lovely followers for sticking around and I am glad to be logged back on to WordPress in order to create another post. I was having a hard time figuring out what this should be about. My mind wanders and wanders until something clicks. And then, as I was looking through my computer, something did click.

How many of you have a bucket list? How many of the items on there have you accomplished? Do you still stick to that list? Bucket lists are a common thing for people to create. I enjoy it myself and love adding new goals I would like to accomplish. It’s a great way to keep track of everything you dream and wish to do in your future. The hardest part is actually sticking to that list. I know I have had some struggles with that. But I am still young and have plenty of years left to get going on more bucket list items. So here I will share my personal bucket list to all of you in hopes that you can share a few items that are on your list as well. Just what are you dying to do?

There are far too many items on my list but here I will share a majority of some of my favorite items that I wish to accomplish. And hey, maybe it will give you some ideas on what to add to your list.

  • Experience Christmas in New York.
  • Ride a horse on a beach.
  • Be called mommy.
  • Host a holiday party.
  • Be genuinely happy.
  • Party in Las Vegas.
  • Go to Hawaii.
  • Ziplining.
  • Go zorbing.
  • Drink from a coconut.
  • Get a hot stone massage.
  • Go on a long road trip.
  • Swim with dolphins.
  • Explore a castle.
  • Go to a masquerade ball.
  • Go to a mardi gras celebration.
  • Throw someone a surprise party.
  • Swim under a waterfall.
  • Take amazing pictures that are full of memories.
  • Have a luxurious bathroom in a future home.
  • Own a beach house.
  • Go on a no budget shopping spree.
  • Watch the ball drop in Time Square.
  • Stand under the Hollywood sign.
  • Have a backyard pool.
  • Move out of Wisconsin!
  • Find something to be passionate about.

So tell me… what’s on your list?