Your Place in the World


It hasn’t even hit noon yet before my mind started going crazy with thoughts today. And what do you do when you have a mind full of thoughts? Blog about it of course!

My struggle today can most likely be relatable to MANY people in their 20’s like me. I randomly began thinking about my life. Actually, it’s not too random because I find myself doing this quite often. The struggle I face is I am not too happy with where I am in life right now. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great things I will never change such as recently getting married to the love of my life and have a house of our own but that’s not everything in life….

I will quote exactly how I stated it before….

“I’m finding it extremely hard to find my place in life in regards to what I want to do or where I exactly want to be in addition to the little areas I am in now which I guess is very typical for someone in their early 20’s. I’m making it a goal for 2015 to at least get a better idea for myself and a plan I can at least start working towards regarding my life.”

Now what does this mean? Well, simply put, my indecisiveness and lack of ambition has caused me to not figure out what I want in my life to make me happy. Instead, I settled with what I have and didn’t move any farther.

My job? I will admit, I do have a good job that I only got through connections but is this really where I want to be for years to come? Not at all. As much as I can move up on the scale here, I really do not know if I am happy staying here. My co workers are great. The place is great. But overall, I feel I am the tiniest person at this business and I just want to be heard more and have more value to what I offer.

Thinking about my ideal job, I honestly feel I would be better off with a more independent job. Why? Because, not to be shallow, but I can’t stand people. I can’t stand people always looking over my shoulder or telling me what to do and what not to and always checking in on me. My level of patience just is never there.

So here’s to my new search I began investigating already to find exactly what I can do career wise that can be more independent for myself.

School? Now here’s another tough aspect of life for me. Do I go back to school or not? If I do, what would I go back for? I have no ideal position or study in mind that is causing me to jump on the schooling train. But I feel I would feel more complete with a earned degree to my name.

And what about my overall self and well being? I can hardly stick to one thing without giving it up and moving on to something else and just repeating the process. This in regards to routine, hobbies, and lifestyle. I want to find one true calling in life that I can enjoy doing on my free time and that can better my health.

So here’s to 2015 and my goal of getting a better idea of my life and where I want to be that will hopefully get me started on a go to plan I can start working on to reach my fullest life choices.



Realizing the Importance of New Year Goals


Every year, we all think up our New Year’s resolution(s) as part of tradition, but how much do we actually stick to them? Probably not a whole lot… I know I hardly ever did. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are people out there that have made goals and actually stuck with them throughout the year and Β that’s great because that’s what we all should be doing.

Now that I am in my 20’s, I am realizing just how important it really is to create resolutions, do them, and stick to them. Resolutions help to better ourselves. They create a part of us we can be happy and healthy with. The problem most people have is they lose focus. They give up. They don’t carry on the ambition. This is why if you really want to stick to your resolutions, you must fight for it and work on good ways and techniques to help you do this better.

So my main goal for 2015 is to lose all the bull crap excuses and get going on my resolutions. Given that your resolutions are realistic enough, there should be no excuse why you can’t stick to them.

I’ve come up with a few great resolutions that I’ve actually already started working on and I am excited to continue with.

1.) Eat healthier and exercise more- A very common resolution made among people but hardly ever gets completed. I lost focus after the last time I started this but recently have gained my ambition back to an even greater extent. I started eating healthy, got myself a gym membership, and even have my own little workout circuit set up in my basement. And I couldn’t feel any better! I just feel so much more healthy, alive, and starting to notice how my appearance is even changing. This is my reason to keep going.

2.) Get organized- I have had a crazy year for 2014. I was hardly ever organized and my life was chaotic. I had way too much going on and realize that now that I am getting older, I am going to be expecting a lot more of this. I hated misplacing things or forgetting things. So for 2015, I have decided to keep my own mini planner on me at all times. Instead of going out and buying a crazy expensive one, I am actually printing out free printables I have found online to bind together in a mini binder to make my own. The pages are adorable and the binder can easily fit in my purse to help make my life a little less chaotic.

3.) Budget, budget, budget!- This is probably the most important resolution to me. After looking over my bank account and finances of the past year, I couldn’t help but cringe. I was so mad at myself for all the unnecessary charges I made to my account and how carefree I was with my money. 2015 is the year of the savings account! I am creating a budget for myself and sticking to it. With a little research, I have found quite a few techniques and tricks to help with this. I am still trying to decide on the perfect one that fits me and my lifestyle the most but none the less, this will be done.

4.) Think and plan ahead- This ties in to all of the above resolutions. In order to do something correctly and the most beneficial for yourself and your lifestyle, you really have to think and plan before doing anything. My carefree in the moment changes and decisions have hardly ever worked out for me. This is why in 2015, before making any decision, I will think, plan, and initiate in the proper way. This also helps with decreasing your stress and helping to not make terrible decisions that will back fire with bad consequences.

So I shared all my resolutions! What are yours?

Hi, My Name Is Crystal and I Have a Spending Addiction


No, really…. I have a serious spending addiction and I am realizing how much of a problem it has been becoming. Yes, it’s the holidays and money is always a little tight around then but I seriously cannot use that as an excuse. For one, you should never make excuses for things you can really control and two, my spending really hasn’t been all that much on Christmas gifts or anything. More myself than anything….. :/

I feel broke. The life of every 20something year old I would assume. I have a great job with great pay and everything and I think I abuse that. I make excuses for my spending all the time and think for unrealistically positive about it instead of facing the facts and seeing what the possible consequences will be after making purchases.

And although, I do shop smart in a way where I look and do my research on the cheapest deals before buying, it still all adds up over the course of the month and boy, what a terrible November and December I have had. I literally get extremely disappointed and upset with myself when this happens. I take a look at my bank account and just beat myself up. Just determining what has to come out of my next paycheck on Monday, made me see that my check wasn’t even going to be enough to cover everything so I had to transfer money from my savings! Something I absolutely hate doing.

So what have I decided to do? Well… after my last couple of purchases that need to be made this weekend, I am leaving my debit card and credit cards home whenever I leave the house for the rest of the month so I have no temptation to spend! That should help a lot. I’ll just make sure I have gas in my car and I am set.

What do I still need to do? Well, I definitely need to adapt to better spending habits. Maybe a little research will help me see through my ways. I also need to keep my mind and body occupied for the rest of the month at home so I won’t think about spending even a dime.

Anyone out there have any ideas to help myself and others that are having this problem? Please share in a comment below!

Night Owl: Thinking Outside of the Norm

Dreamy eye (08-01-13-10-28-54)

Here’s a random thought for a Monday….

I come up with the most clever thoughts/ideas and well constructed sentences in my head after 11 PM.

Anyone else? Because I find this to be really common among people. You know when you’re laying there in bed unable to sleep and all these random thoughts just come in? Isn’t it weird how that works? All during the day you can’t come up with one creative thing and then suddenly when you hit the bed, boom! All the creativity come to you.

They say to keep a notebook or journal on the side of your bed for reasons like this. Which, I kind of want to start doing so because last night I couldn’t help but think, wow! Did I really just get all clever and such just now? Look at the time to notice it was 11:15… then midnight… then almost 1 AM… and the thoughts just kept on coming! Maybe I should replace some of my sleeping hours with writing. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

I used to write all the time when I was younger. In fact, it was my dream for the longest time to be a journalist but that was quickly taken from me when people kept giving me negative feedback on the difficulty of getting into that field. But oh well… perhaps I can just be my own writer lost in my mind at the late hours of the night. Perhaps this would help with doing blog posts! So if you ever see a really clever blog post from me, just know I probably came up with it at 2 in the morning.

I did a little research on why this might be and although I haven’t read much yet, it is scientifically shown that “night owl” people are much more creative. I don’t know too much of the specifics but do know it has something to do with different areas of your mind starting to shut down for sleep which causes your mind to think outside of the norm.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But definitely interesting! I might do some more research because I am quite curious…

So what does everyone think? Are you the same way? Do you put your creative juices to work in the late hours of the night?

Managing Two Jobs in Your Twenties…


Hey guys! I am pretty stoked right now with a mix of nervousness and maybe a little bit of worry! I applied for a second job as bartender and not only did I get a call back within a couple days, I went in for the interview the next day, got hired on the spot, had an orientation that same day and now start my first night of training tonight! You are now officially looking at an Applebee’s bartender πŸ™‚

Which did require me to quickly take my bartending course online (a good ‘ol two hours) and submit my application for my bartending license. I am pretty excited because I did enjoy the minor bartending I used to do and had fun expressing my knowledge of making drinks and talking to customers. And the good tips of course! πŸ˜‰

But I have also been a little nervous about maintaining two jobs… I have faith I can do it but I just hope it doesn’t get too much for me. I have my main full time Monday-Friday 8-5 job and now I picked up this one for the weekends which will require me to work every day of the week a lot of the time with some exceptions here and there. I think of it as, at least these two jobs aren’t really too much of hard physical labor which would be plenty good for my body.

So I guess I have been trying to think more positively about this as much as I can.

1) Extra cash
2) Not hard labor
3) If I do feel I can’t handle it, I could always quit and still have my main job
4)I will still have some free time during the week
5) I’ll have awesome bartending skills πŸ™‚

Are there any other bartenders out there that can provide me with some tips? Or anyone who is currently working 2+ jobs, how do you handle it?

Aww.. I Love You Guys


Even after my recent post about moving my blog, I still managed to get more followers and responses on this one so guess what????? I will be keeping this blog still along with my other! πŸ™‚

This one will just continue to be more of my random blog while the other is more about health and lifestyle!

You all are awesome and I can’t shut down a successful blog πŸ™‚

Please follow my NEW second blog as well!