Hi, My Name Is Crystal and I Have a Spending Addiction


No, really…. I have a serious spending addiction and I am realizing how much of a problem it has been becoming. Yes, it’s the holidays and money is always a little tight around then but I seriously cannot use that as an excuse. For one, you should never make excuses for things you can really control and two, my spending really hasn’t been all that much on Christmas gifts or anything. More myself than anything….. :/

I feel broke. The life of every 20something year old I would assume. I have a great job with great pay and everything and I think I abuse that. I make excuses for my spending all the time and think for unrealistically positive about it instead of facing the facts and seeing what the possible consequences will be after making purchases.

And although, I do shop smart in a way where I look and do my research on the cheapest deals before buying, it still all adds up over the course of the month and boy, what a terrible November and December I have had. I literally get extremely disappointed and upset with myself when this happens. I take a look at my bank account and just beat myself up. Just determining what has to come out of my next paycheck on Monday, made me see that my check wasn’t even going to be enough to cover everything so I had to transfer money from my savings! Something I absolutely hate doing.

So what have I decided to do? Well… after my last couple of purchases that need to be made this weekend, I am leaving my debit card and credit cards home whenever I leave the house for the rest of the month so I have no temptation to spend! That should help a lot. I’ll just make sure I have gas in my car and I am set.

What do I still need to do? Well, I definitely need to adapt to better spending habits. Maybe a little research will help me see through my ways. I also need to keep my mind and body occupied for the rest of the month at home so I won’t think about spending even a dime.

Anyone out there have any ideas to help myself and others that are having this problem? Please share in a comment below!


A Treat For Me


Oh boy…. what a crazy busy time of my life for me. I kind of start to feel bad that I am so busy I can’t even take a few minutes to sit down and type a blog post. I hate looking at my stats page and realize I am losing daily views. I guess there are good blog days and there a bad blog days.

But today on this fine Monday morning, what got me to take time to post was an unexpected small amount of cash I suddenly received. Yesterday I was down in Illinois to spend time with relatives when my Grandmother suddenly handed me over some cash. I was a little confused at first as to what I did to receive a good chunk of money but then I was told some cash has been given in inheritance to family members due to my great uncle’s passing. Then I just suddenly felt sad. I didn’t want anything to remind me of him while I was down there or talk to be spoken because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it very well.

But I suddenly began to think positive. In my hand I not only held cash received from my great uncle but also my Grandmother who threw in some extra cash as making up for not receiving anything on my birthday. It was definitely a great surprise and I couldn’t feel any more grateful. So I started to think, what should I actually do with this extra money?

Well I know one thing and that is I have been to free with money and not only spending it on useless stuff but also free willingly handing out little bits of cash here and there that eventually add up to great amounts. So I have decided to be a little selfish with this extra money I have received and will continue to do with other extra money I receive in the future. I have decided to not put it directly in my bank account because I do not want it to get mixed in with my other earned money (and lets be honest, my fiance likes to take a look at my account now and then because he’s a money freak and I would not like him to know of any extra money I receive 😉 ) There goes selfish me but I think I deserve it!

So here I still sit wondering what plan I can create in my sneaky hidden ways of having some extra cash to myself without suddenly spending it all right away. And then there is the temptation I have to worry about. I think I may need to do some research on good tips and ideas.

What a Waste of Money


RANT post time!! I have yet made a post where I just rant about something. Now would be a good time because I have been thinking about something lately as I scroll through my bank account….. There is so much out there that is such a waste of money! It’s a trick too… businesses lure you in and take all your money from you making you think you’re going to get the best thing out of it when you are really not. Now I know this is how a good business runs but seriously, I hate being fooled. Now I am not saying EVERYTHING out there is a waste of money but there is quite a bit that I have personally experienced. This stuff I list may not be the same situation for everyone else. You may have had good experiences with these things and thought the price is worth it. In fact, I am pretty sure there are people out there that have. However, this is all strictly based on my terrible experiences and what I experienced to be a waste of my money and I’ll tell you why.

  • Alcoholic drinks at restaurants and bars- Now I am pretty sure this is one everyone can agree with. But 6-8 bucks for a little shot of something?? Or more than 10 bucks for a “fancier” drink that takes only a few big chugs to finish?? And not to mention a lot of mixed drinks that are mostly ice…. The bad part is everyone gets drunk and doesn’t care and keeps on buying drink after drink not thinking about it until the next morning. Trust me, I’ve been there plenty of times. Yet, I will not stop going to bars or restaurants because I do enjoy the atmosphere of it. It is definitely better than drinking alone at home but a lot more pricier.
  • Salons- With either haircuts, dyes, nails, pedicures, I have noticed it is way too pricey for the amount of work that is actually given in to it and the end result. Just last weekend I went to a spa/salon to get a manicure and pedicure and the polish already started chipping the day after! I spent 40 bucks total plus tip. And the pedicure felt nice to get done at the time it was happening but I didn’t continue to feel anything different afterwards at all. But yes, it was a nice time to spend with my friends. However, I am not sure I will ever do it again.
  • 6 Flags- Last year I won tickets to Fright Fest at 6 Flags which gets you in for admission BUT not parking or any haunted houses. So there I dropped 20 bucks on parking and a lot more inside the park. Not to mention that the park was packed beyond hell and we NEVER once got on a ride there because lines were taking up to 2 hours just to get on one. There are passes you can buy to skip lines but they were well over 100 bucks. We did happen to buy the passes for the haunted houses just to at least experience something and that was definitely not worth it at all.
  • Boutiques- I understand small businesses have a harder time making money but I will never buy anything from them. I enjoy looking around to see the stuff they sell but I always scoff when I take a glance at the price tags.
  • Doctor appointments/dentists/eye care- Without GREAT health insurance, you’re screwed. I don’t need to say more. I’ve been screwed out of my money and lied to many times just to receive a nice chunk of a bill in the mail that takes months to pay off.
  • Anything you can make/do yourself at home- Seriously. We are just all too lazy to take the time to do things ourselves at home for half the price.
  • Memberships to many places- A membership at a place such as a gym may sound like a good deal but I have always experienced some type of hidden cost.
  • Makeup and other cosmetics- I am not going to lie, I go for the cheapest of the cheap and guess what? I get pretty good results still.
  • Late fees- I get hit with a 30 dollar fee just for accidentally being late paying a bill by less than 24 hours. Seriously?
  • Insurance(car,health,etc)- I just love paying hundreds of dollars towards something that will only be used IN CASE something happens. See that? IN CASE something happens.
  • And many, many, MANY other things.

I can seriously make this list go on and on into a novel. A novel that is a series of other novels! So what did I miss? What do you consider to be a waste of money? Think long and hard about the things you are paying for but haven’t noticed yet just how much money you are wasting on it when there may even be better alternatives out there….